" Blockchain is changing the current concept of trust."


We help developers, companies, and people worldwide, in the process to decentralize their business.

We build Blockchain based applications and Smart Contracts, supporting amazing projects to access the Decentralized Web.


We want people control their own data, identity, money and destiny.

We believe blockchain will be the future of technology, democracy and economy.


We want to build safe, reliable and unstoppable applications connecting people and services without any untrusted central authority.
And you want it too.

NONCEPT is NOT a Concept.
NONCEPT is a NEW Concept.


Vittorio Minacori

Vittorio Minacori

CEO and Founder at NONCEPT

Software Engineer with over than 15 years of experience in web development.
Vittorio started working on Ethereum in the early days, developing several ERC20 tokens and ICOs, NFT Marketplaces, as well as decentralized payment systems based on Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies. Then, he launched many blockchain-based tools and decentralized apps used by thousands of companies and developers worldwide.

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